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As I sit here watching more snow fall in mid-April, getting more and more depressed, I remember I haven't posted any new hours recently.  Upcoming conventions will keep me away from the store for much of the rest of April and some of May but here are the days I will be open:

- All Days are Noon until 6:30 -

Wednesday       April 23
Wednesday       April 30
Saturday           May 3
Wednesday      May 7
Wednesday     May 14
Wednesday     May 28
Saturday         May 31


DreamHaven Big 37th Anniversary SALE

DreamHaven's Big 37th Anniversary SALE
Saturday, April 12  Noon - 6:30

Big markdowns on Used Hardcover Fiction, Graphic Novels, and much more.  I opened my first store
on April 1, 1977 in St. Paul and grew and expanded until I went SuperNova and contracted to the
size I am now.  The store had been doing quite well up until Christmas 2013 and then the winter
chill set in.  It's a very common story from many small business owners I've talked to; no real
winter business to speak of. People hunkered down and stayed home.  For months.  I need people to
come out of their burrows and buy some of my pretty books and comics because I'm drowning in them
currently.  So come on by and at least say hello.  Better yet, bring home some treasures.

DreamHaven Books
2301 E. 38th St. Minneapolis, MN 55406

April Fool Anniversary

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It was 37 years ago today I opened my store.  It was my April Fool joke on the world (a tired old joke I often use).  But the joke was on me.  I really had no plan or thought of the future; I would never have believed that I'd still be doing this today.  Perhaps this could be considered the world's longest prank.  Maybe I should contact Guinness?


All William, All the Time...

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The last month has been a bigger blur than usual and most of it involved my son William.  In the past 30 days he has:

Finished his Eagle Scout Award requirements.

Got the lead in his high school Spring musical, The Music Man.

Gone to New York with his high school choir to sing at Carnegie Hall with The New York City Chamber Orchestra.

While turning 18 on that day.

Presented a one-act play that he wrote and directed along with a a set of ten Broadway showtunes which he also choreographed and directed.

Gone to a Boy Scout weekend retreat where they stay up all weekend playing electronic games, something they are not allowed to do the rest of the year.

And that's where he is right now, in a cabin at a Boy Scout camp about 60 miles away.

I'm very proud of him and had to do a bit of parental boasting.  But it's been exhausting for Lisa and I since we've been around at nearly all of the things he's been doing.  And Lisa has been doing it one-handed (her physical therapy is going reasonably well; she's worried about the slow pace of recovery of her elbow - she can't touch her nose yet - but her shoulder is working very well.  I believe she'll be fine in the long-run).

So my own responsibilities and commitments have fallen by the wayside and I'll be struggling to catch up.  And now convention season starts in earnest and I have 6 events in 8 weeks.  Should be Interesting Times.



Lisa update

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Today Lisa goes in for surgery on her shoulder and her elbow.  She'll have a metal plate and pins in her shoulder and her elbow will be wired up so that it works more-or-less as it should.  It will be great for going through airport security in a couple of weeks when we go out to New York.

Again, thanks to all who have expressed concern.  Her pain levels haven't been as severe as we expected; mostly just a nagging discomfort with a jolt here and there.  Still, no fun, but the alternatives could be far worse.


Closed Saturday March 1.

Bok Mask
See the next post for the long explanation.

Sorry folks.


I REALLY Hate Winter Right Now

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It seems like this Winter is worse than most and will never end.  Last night the title of "Worst Winter Ever" was cemented in place.

I got home last night and Lisa was not home and William was.  When I expressed surprise he said "I guess mom didn't get hold of you, huh?"  It turns out that Lisa slipped and fell on some ice and was taken by ambulance to the ER.  A neighbor had just brought William home so that he could do some essential homework.  Lisa decided he should go home since I was expected home at any moment anyway.

I rushed over to the hospital and found Lisa very woozy from pain, having already thrown up the pain medications.  She broke her left arm near the shoulder and broke her elbow.  At least one, and maybe both, will require surgery.  They splinted it up two ways and we waited for several hours to see if Ibuprofen and some rest would allow her to go home for the night.  She fell into fitful sleep for about 4 hours while I waited with her.  We tried to go home about midnight but she was so nauseous when she stood that we gave up and had her admitted to the hospital.  Two plus hours later she was admitted to a room, settled in and resting.  I left to go home so I could get William and take him into school about 3 hours later.  Of course, the temperature was in the teens below zero with a lot of dangerous wind.  Fun times.

After taking William to school, the same neighbor helped me get Lisa's car from the parking lot where she'd left it I then went to the hospital where we waited until early afternoon.  She was feeling much better and was able to stand and walk to the bathroom.  We talked to the surgeon and finally did get home.  She and I napped for a couple of hours in the afternoon until William came home and we had dinner.  She's more comfortable now, with the arm mostly a dull ache.  I made an appointment for Monday with the surgeon who will take new x-rays to see if the shoulder break needs surgery too (the elbow is already a given).  Then we hope to get the surgery done late next week.  We've been told it's much easier after that but there will be several months of therapy.

The upshot is that I'll be away from the store more than I'll be at the store for the next few weeks.  I may have to remain closed this Saturday.  Very likely, in fact.  There are several things William needs to do (including seeing the Dalai Lama speak) so I'll be the full-time chauffeur.  I may cancel a trip to Los Angeles in two weeks.  We'll see.

I hope everyone takes special care with the rest of this horrible winter.


Snow and Slow / Oh We Got Trouble

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Things are moving at a snail's pace today.  The storm that cam through Thursday and yesterday really hit hard.  I stayed homeThursday in anticipation of the storm and then drove in on Friday after the sun came back out.  The roads were terrible at best and deadly at worst.  I saw hundreds of cars in ditches, smashed into guard rails and even flipped up on their sides.  Trucks couldn't get up very small inclines since the ice was so slick; I saw one truck stuck in the middle of I35 putting chains on his tires while a Highway Patrol sat behind him with his lights on.  Travel slowed to a standstill so more trucks also got stuck.  I only came in to use my snowblower from home to do up the sidewalks around the store.  If I don't get them cleared off fast enough, I get nasty letters threatening fines from the city.  Businesses are supposed to have the sidewalks cleared within four hours of a storm.

It's been deadly slow at the store and not just today.  With the nasty weather we had in January which has continued through much of February,  people are simply not going out very often.  I've managed to keep my head above water with some mail order but it's getting more and more difficult to justify being open.  I'm too young (and broke) to retire.  I'll just have to continue to limp along and hope things improve soon.

Friday school was canceled  and it really affected my family a great deal.  All after-school activities were canceled so the play that William wrote and directed was also canceled.  It has yet to be re-scheduled.  William is trying to finish up his Boy Scout rank of Eagle; he has only 4 weeks to do that since he turns 18 then.  He's oh-so-very-close but with everything else going on (theater, college applications, calculus) it's been pretty stressful.

On a very bright note, William got the lead in his high school Spring musical, The Music Man.  He'll be playing Harold Hill and leading the whole parade while he woos Marian the Librarian.  Last week he went into school and called me about 45 minutes later in tears.  He was so happy he couldn't speak right away. He was pretty sure he'd get the part of Marcellus and couldn't believe it when his name was on the list as Harold Hill.  We watched the Robert Preston version the other night and I also picked up a Matthew Broderick version which we haven't yet seen.  I can't wait to see how he does.‎

More Snow. More Cold. New Photo

Bok Mask
The new photo is a picture of me in a mask made by the great fantasy artist, Hannes Bok. I've been a great admirer of Bok's since I was a teenager and bought my first drawings by him then. I've since acquired a number of his drawings and paintings but I had never seen one of his very rare masks until Dwayne Olson brought one to Arcana where we were both on a panel about Bok, a one-time Minnesota resident. The full picture features GoH Tim Kirk, Dwayne and myself.BokMask

Thanks to Mike Waltz for the photo.


I Got A Fart Gun for my Birthday!

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My lovely wife, Lisa, was talking online to a friend who told Lisa that her daughter had received a "Fart Blaster" from Despicable Me for Christmas. ( ) Lisa immediately went out to find one, a somewhat difficult task since most had been sold before Christmas. She found one and presented it to me just after my birthday last week. Now I can point it at people leaving the store after spending an hour or two perusing everything and then not buying anything at all. Hey, it's better than a now retired bookseller I know who used to yell after such people "HAVE EVERYTHING ALREADY, DO YOU!".

I still can't get my hours posted properly on the website. This will have to do for now:

Wednesday January 15
Saturday January 18
Wednesday January 22
Saturday January 25
MONDAY JANUARY 27 Reading by John Rezmerski 6:30pm

612-823-6161 for recorded message for more info