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We're nearly there.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve Day.  I'll be open from Noon until 5:00pm.  Come on by for some cookies and cider, a few laughs and a lot of books.

Merry Christmas.  Happy Hanukkah.  Kwizzling Kwanzaa.  Fantastic Festivus.



Party Frankenstein
Today was said to be the biggest shopping day of the year.  Sadly, not around here.  I suppose everyone went to the malls and the big box stores instead of shopping small/local.  It was actually a very slow Saturday for any time of year.  Oh well, better luck tomorrow.  Or Tuesday.  Or Christmas Eve Day.  Or next year.


Greg Patrick Rothfuss

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I have to give a big plug to Patrick Rothfuss's incredible charity foundation WorldBuilders .  Pat and his
amazing, dedicated staff do sales, mount actions, host contests and do whatever it takes to raise money for Heifer International. Heifer International empowers families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity – but their approach is more than just giving them a handout. Heifer links communities and helps brings sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty. Their animals provide partners with both food and reliable income, as agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey can be traded or sold at market.  

Your donations are always appreicated but you can alos buy some great things which have already been donated and know that the money from your purchase is going to an important cause. Chek out both websites and please participate any way you can.

Thanks and have a happy holiday season.




Bok Mask
I have books signed by : Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss, William Alexander (he stopped by yesterday - thanks Will), Christopher Moore, Kathe Koja, John Crowley, Harry Turtledove, and just about anyone else you can think of including Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein and many hundreds more.

I also just received a shipment of Studio Ghibli items including some plush toys and some really great shoulder bags.  I already had an amazing collection of art books from many of Miyazaki's movies like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky and more.  Beautiful items, great gifts.

I've never had a larger inventory nor have I had a better one.  I hope you'll come in and support a stubborn independent bookseller.

Happy Holidays.


Beige Friday

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I did finally get to Philadelphia and dinner was very kindly delayed until I arrived.  A planned first course was consumed well before I arrived as an appetizer, to keep the pangs of starvation at bay.  But the turkey and fixings was grand and we had a fine dinner.

This afternoon (note: AFTER NOON) we did some shopping and William got a bunch of much-needed clothes and we stopped by Best Buy where I bought a load of DVDs at huge discounts.  I'll get to look at them when I get home.

Things are good; we'll keep it quiet and low-key.  It's good to have some time away to force me to relax.  I hope everyone has had the kind of holiday they wished for.

Next up: Festivus, I mean, Christmas.

Party Frankenstein
Oh well, even though I checked the flight status, I got to the airport bright and early to find it was delayed another 3 1/2 hours.  I might get to Philadelphia in time for dinner.

People have been very upbeat and in good moods.  I'm just reading the newspaper, books and stupid internet  posts (videos of horrible Black Friday sales gone wrong...).  I'll just relax and hope for a good dinner with family.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving

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I'm going to be flying out to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving.  I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I hope to get there by the afternoon.  Traveling on a holiday can be chancy but I've always gotten to where I was going - eventually.  I'm really looking forward to seeing my son, William, for the first time since late August.  He's taking the train from New York to Trenton NJ tonight and my wife is picking him up, very near to where she'll be picking me up tomorrow.  She's already in Philadelphia having flown to Charlotte and picking up her mother and then driving up to her brother's house in Philadelphia.  All very complicated.

Because of all of this I'm missing not only Black Friday, but Small Business Saturday and even Cyber Monday.  I'll be back on Boring Tuesday and open on Buy-My-Books Wednesday.  Come on by and I'll give you a free book.

Gobble, gobble.

books sign
I'll be open the following days:

Saturday, November 22  Noon to 6:30

Huge discounts, special offers and FREE BOOKS!  Ill list some of the special offers and discounts here but many more will be in the store as unnanounced special:

50% OFF Collectible Paperbacks (bagged and priced)

50% OFF  Used Hardcover and trade paperback books on open shelves.

50% OFF PULP and DIGEST magazines.

50% OFF Collectible Comics (bagged and boarded).

Many graphic novels and comic collections have been marked down 50-90%.

Everyone can choose ONE FREE BOOK from a selection in the store.

I also have a great selection of SIGNED books and they make great gifts.  Recently Neil Gaiman stopped by and signed his little heart out (Thanks Neil) and I went to see Patrick Rothfuss and he signed piles of this new book, The Slow Regard of Silent Things.  He also signed copies of his two Mr. Whiffle  "not-for-children children's books" which you can't find anywhere else.  Plus some copies of Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear.  Again, really great gift ideas.


Wednesday, November 26  Noon to 6:30
Wednesday December 3    Noon to 6:30
Friday December 4             Noon to 6:30
Saturday December 5        Noon to 6:30
Sunday December 6          Noon to 5:00
I will be open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Christmas the above hours.

Happy holiday season.


Rude Surprise

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I just got back after a week trip out to Washington DC for the 40th World Fantasy Convention.  I had a great time, didn't sell too many books, didn't buy too many either, packed up and headed home.  I looked at a newspaper on Monday morning at breakfast and saw the headline "Wintry Weather Blankets Midwest" and saw that Minneapolis had or would have 10 inches of snow and freezing cold.  Well, Minneapolis did get about 3 or four inches of snow but up where I live, north of the Twin Cities, we got over 10 inches of snow.  I tried to gun the van into my driveway and got stuck.  After and hour and a half of shoveling,  and blowing the snow away, I got the driveway cleared and the van in the garage.  Shades of 1991 when we got over 2 feet of snow over Halloween (while I was in Tucson at the World Fantasy Convention).

Home for less than 36 hours, I'm now off to Chicago for WindyCon.  Along the way I'm stopping in to see Patrick Rothfuss and force him to to sign a lot of books.  Actually, Pat is alway very gracious about signing books and I appreciate it a lot.  Neil Gaiman did make it by the store while I was away and also signed a load of books.  And even Leslie Klinger (Annotated Sandman / Annotated Lovecraft) came by and signed a few books that were on hand.  A very busy weekend.

I'll have more information on Sunday the 23rd and my "Early Black Friday Sale on a Sunday" (sounds a little like a Pogo comic strip).  Until then, take care......

books sign
I'm rarely home around Halloween but I am here this year.  I'll be at the store between 4 and 7pm tonight giving out some treats.  I'll be heading off to the World Fantasy Convention in Washington D.C. in a few days and then WindyCon just after that.  Then on to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving with my wife, son and some of Lisa's relatives.

Somewhere in the midst of all this travel I will be getting books signed by Neil Gaiman as well as Patrick Rothfuss.  Pat's new book, a novella (150 pages) called,  The Slow Regard of Silent Things is an odd book.  Patrick even warns people this book might not be for them, in a very frank foreword.  It's a sort-of character study of Auri, the girl who lives in the Underthing, below the University.  It's got Patrick's sense of humor, his graceful and wonderful way with words, and his strong storytelling way.

And it's a very strange book.

I devoured it in one sitting and read it again.

Patrick is one of our newest genius wunderkind.  He's the kind of author you'll be happy to read his laundry list.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothuss (DAW Books 2014; $18.99)   
If you would like a signed copy, please email me at and I'll save a copy for you and arrange for you to get the book.

And what can I say of Neil?  He's been signing books for me for 25 years and he's a mensch.  I'm happy to call him a good friend.  The website is currenltly out of books but once he has stopped by, I'll get things up an running again in time for Christmas.