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Black Friday

The next day DreamHaven will be open is Wednesday, Nov. 21st. I'll be open from 12-6:30.

I WILL be open of Black Friday (Nov. 23) from 12-6:30. I will have a lot of special offers and sale prices. There will also be a special "early sale" which I will post on Thanksgiving (and send out to my email list). I can't compete with the big guys but I promise this special sale will will be something to really pay attention to.

A short rant on "showrooming":

I know it happens. I've seen people "shopping" my store while all they're really doing is looking at books I have, photographing them, and then ordering them online. It's dishonest, stupid and short-sighted; I can give you dozens of reasons to illustrate why it is but I'm not going to get myself worked up over this. I'll just try to ignore it and do my job of presenting items you can't find anywhere else, with knowledge and expertise, service and good cheer.

Come on over on Friday - I've never had an overly busy Black Friday yet so DreamHaven should be a calm alternative to the insanity at the malls.


PS. I'll be open Saturday, Nov. 24 from 12-6:30 as well.

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