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I'm back at the store after unloading the van of the books I brought over to Convergence. Sales were better than expected this year (I've learned to have low expectations every year at Convergence) but at a "per head" amount, Convergence ranks dead last in sales. There were nearly 7000 people there this year. I made a slight bit more than MiniCon where we had not quite 500 people and MiniCon had more booksellers than Convergence did. Convergence is a spectacle, a large party and a pretty amazing one at that. But a book-oriented crowd they are not. They had some registration problems this year where some people had to wait over four hours just to get their pre-paid badge. This was a glitch that I'm certain they'll solve by next year. They had around 6300 last year with no problems; it seems there were several changeovers in registration teams and some institutional systems and knowledge were not passed along. That and the fact that the convention started right on the July 4th holiday and most people didn't work Thursday so everyone showed up at the same time, probably didn't help. I think most people were very understanding about the whole thing.

One thing not mentioned before on the website: We're hosting a reading this Wednesday, at 6:30 for Rob Callahan. It should end between 7:45 and 8:00pm.


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