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All William, All the Time...

The last month has been a bigger blur than usual and most of it involved my son William.  In the past 30 days he has:

Finished his Eagle Scout Award requirements.

Got the lead in his high school Spring musical, The Music Man.

Gone to New York with his high school choir to sing at Carnegie Hall with The New York City Chamber Orchestra.

While turning 18 on that day.

Presented a one-act play that he wrote and directed along with a a set of ten Broadway showtunes which he also choreographed and directed.

Gone to a Boy Scout weekend retreat where they stay up all weekend playing electronic games, something they are not allowed to do the rest of the year.

And that's where he is right now, in a cabin at a Boy Scout camp about 60 miles away.

I'm very proud of him and had to do a bit of parental boasting.  But it's been exhausting for Lisa and I since we've been around at nearly all of the things he's been doing.  And Lisa has been doing it one-handed (her physical therapy is going reasonably well; she's worried about the slow pace of recovery of her elbow - she can't touch her nose yet - but her shoulder is working very well.  I believe she'll be fine in the long-run).

So my own responsibilities and commitments have fallen by the wayside and I'll be struggling to catch up.  And now convention season starts in earnest and I have 6 events in 8 weeks.  Should be Interesting Times.




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Mar. 29th, 2014 07:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the update! William is an impressive young man, a combination I'm sure of his own talents and his parents' support.

Best wishes to Lisa for continued healing.
Mar. 30th, 2014 06:49 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to William (and to the two of you; take a bow as well). And thank you for the update on Lisa, glad to hear that PT is working and that she's healing up.

Good luck and lots of sales during the convention rush.
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