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The Music's Over......For Now

I watched all six performances of Andover High School's musical, The Music Man and i'd be happy to watch it at least six more, but it has come to its end.  I helped strike the set yesterday and it was a bit sad.  Lisa didn't want to leave the theater; she helped sort out screws and small hardware with the kids.  I brought my electric drill and pulled screws out of scenery and platforms.  All of the kids/actors worked for hours.  It was strangely gratifying to see the two leads, my son William (Harold Hill) and Anna (Marian, the Librarian), with their pant legs rolled up, shoeless, painting the stage with other kids once all of the other work was done.  Most of the cast had spent all of Saturday night at a cast party and then all day at the theater putting on  the performance and then doing strike.   They are a tight crew and I know Lisa and I are going to miss seeing them together.  But now it's on to New York where William is attending college.

I'll be open this Wednesday, May 14th.  This weekend I'll be attending the MCBA Comic Convention at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.  If you like comics, you should attend this convention.  It's not like the media circuses that claim to be "comic conventions".  This is an honest-to-goodness old-fashioned comic convention with real comics and comic artists and none of the cast of Walking Dead or Star Trek stars.  They are a great group and even though I can't always attend myself, I highly recommend their conventions.  I'm happy to be able to attend this year and I've been cleaning out my basement and finding all sorts or weird and exciting things to display at the convention.  Come on out on Saturday and have a really fun time; you'll probably come back out on Sunday.



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May. 12th, 2014 09:49 pm (UTC)
I wish I could have seen a performance; I love that play, as I think you already know. Glad William found it rewarding!
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