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Back from the dead again

I'm sitting here on the last day of BaltiCon in the lovely city of Baltimore wondering wehre the last three days have gone.  I decided to try BaltiCon (it's my first) since George R. R. Martin was guest of honor, plus aload of other special guests marking the occasion of BaltiCon 50.  It was a noble experiment but not a particularly profitable one.  I might break even.  I'm hoping now that George might show up to sign my remaining stock of Game of Thrones hardcover which hadly sold at all.  Very surprising since last year I attended ConQuest in Kansas City where I brought a pile of George's books and sold many of them.  Considering there were about three times the number of people here as were in KC, I thought sales would at least be about equal.  You can never tell.

I should be posting a bit more in the near future.  I'm making more of an effort leading up to the 40th anniversary of my first store on April 1st, 1977. 
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S.N. Arly Speculations Reading Wednesday, March 2

On Wednesday, March 2, 6:30pm S.N. ARLY reads from her fiction.
S.N.Arly writes adult and young adult fantasy, science fiction, and dark fiction from her basement in St. Paul, MN. She has had several short stories published in a variety of magazines and anthologies. She is currently working on novels, with the exception of the occasional short story her brain foists upon her.

A Speculations reading.
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DreamHaven is not usually open on Mondays but since LEAP DAY only comes once every 4 years (or so) we're going to host a very short, very last minute SALE.  So on Monday, February 29th we'll be open from Noon until 5:00pm.  ALL USED BOOKS WILL BE 29% OFF!  So drop everything and come on over to the store (2301 E. 38th St. in Minneapolis) and save a bundle on that item you've been looking at over and over.  This sale only applies to USED book but it does include showcase rarities and many behind-the-counter reserve stock titles.

Happy Leap Day.
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Mark Bode at DreamHaven

Mark Bode, artist, cartoonist, muralist and son of underground comix icon, Vaughn Bode, will make an appearance at DreamHaven on Saturday, February 27th at 6:30pm.  Mark will be signing copies of the new book, Cheech Wizard's Book of Me.  He has edited together many of his father's classic Cheech Wizard strips and lots of other sketches and drawings, plus a number of his own drawings, sketches and strips.  This is a beautiful production.  Mark has continued what his father started 50 years ago and will be happy to meet his fans as well as his father's fans.  

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Do Over

I'm just going to re-post what I said in my last post.  It still holds true.

 "It looks like it's going to be a Maytag Repaiman sort of day.  Snow last night and it just started snowing again.  Dreary and cold.  I'm just going to sit here and mark down book prices......."

But I will add that Lois McMaster Bujold will be here tomorrow night at 6:30 to read from and sign copies of her new book - Gentle Jole and the Red Queen (Baen 2016 - $27.00).

Cheers.      Greg

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Maytag Repairman Day

It looks like it's going to be a Maytag Repaiman sort of day.  Snow last night and it just started snowing again.  Dreary and cold.  I'm just going to sit here and mark down book prices.......
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Well, the Christmas rush is over and now we get back to regular business.  This year a bit slower than many in years past but I did manage to keep things about even by doing a lot of eBay sales and more online book sales than usual.  I'm going to try to continue that trend but in the meantime, we have TOO MANY BOOKS LEFT here in the store.  I don't have   a specific plan yet for how to get rid of more books except to say that I will be marking things down and I hope you all will take advantage of some tremendous deals.  As Melvin McCosh, a somewhat (in)famous local bookseller used to say "You need these books more than I do".   
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Holiday Hours

DreamHaven will be open on Thursday Christmas Eve Day until 4:00pm.  We'll be closed on Friday, Christmas Day.  We'll reopen on Saturday, December 26 from Noon until 6:30.  Then we'll be open on Tuesday, December 29, and Wednesday December 30 from Noon until 6:30.  Thursday the 31st, we'll close at 5:00pm.

2016 - Beginning January 1 we'll revert back to our regular hours - Tuesday through Saturday Noon until 6:30.

I'd like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, a WONDERFUL HANUKKAH, an INCREDIBLE KWANZAA, a FESTIVE FESTIVUS, and a general HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON (for anyone I've missed).

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Loss of a Friend

A friend of mine passed away early yesterday.  His name was Jon Arfstrom.  He was the last of the cover artists for the original Weird Tales magazineand I am very priviledged to have known him.

Jon's career spanned from the late 1940s and continued until he died.  He was still drawing at the end.  I was visiting with him only hours before he passed and we talked about the book we've been planning and only working on piecemeal for a while now.  I hope we can publish a collection of his art in 2016.

Here is a cover Jon did for Weird Tales which he signed for me just shortly before he died.

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Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

DreamHaven Books will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday November 26.  We will be open on Friday November 27 and there will be a BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

Return of the 10¢ comic! All of our regularly priced 25¢ comics will be only 10¢.  Welcome back to the 1960’s.

50% Off bagged, collectible paperbacks (does not include books in our showcases or behind the counter).

Graphic Novel Sale! We’ll be marking down many hundreds of Graphic Novels 50-90%.

Buy any NEW BOOK and get another NEW BOOK of equal or lesser value at 50% OFF.

We’re also celebrating SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY with a second day of sales:

Buy One Used Hardcover or Trade Paperback, Get 2 FREE! That’s right, buy any $50 or under used Hardcover or Trade Paperback and get 2 more of equal or lesser value FREE.

Buy any ten One Dollar books from our Buck-a-Book room and get


FREE BOOKS both days for people who make any size purchase.

Many more Unannounced sales on both days.

Friday and Saturday Noon until 6:30pm

DreamHaven Books 2301 E. 38th St.  Minneapolis, MN 55406 612-823-6161