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The City and the City and the City

I'm in Chicago. I took a rare "vacation" and brought Lisa and William to Chicago to see a stage production of China Mieville's City and the City. Linelines Theater is a long-time (30 years this year!) Chicago theater staple who specialize in adaptations of literary works. They've done A Wrinkle in Time, Neverwhere, Daniel Pinkwater, and a number of other genre works. China was at the production last night as were several other folks I know including Gary Wolfe, reviewer for Locus. Gary and I were judges for the World Fantasy Award the year City and the City was eligible and subsequently won. China was a class-act when, upon winning the award, he wrote to each judge and thanked us for the honor. He thanked us yet again last night at the play.

The play hit many of the major plot points of the book while eliminating many sub-plots (Borlu's memories of his wife and personal problems were completely left out). I thought the adaptation was well-done and apparently, so did China who was viewing the play for the first time. We met some good friends for dinner and then all went to the play. Of course, I had introduced them to the book earlier and both have been fan's of China's work as I am. William had not rad the book and he said it made sense to him how the two cities existed and functioned in the same space, even though it was revealed a bit at a time. I'm glad I was able to see it. One of their next plays should be Barry Hughart's Bridge of Birds, another book/play I would make a serious effort to see.

We also came to Chicago to visit DePaul College. William would like to do a Theater major and be in/near a large city while doing it. DePaul has a large Theater program and has a conservatory approach. William liked what he saw, and even though we only saw the outside of the new Theater facility being built (ready this fall; he has another year to think about it) he was very impressed. Near York is one other option but getting into the program he would most like might be nearly impossible. We'll be visiting more colleges within the next year.

We tried to go to Uncle Fun, an amazing toy and tchotchke store on Belmont. Sadly there was no parking anywhere within a mile or so and we gave up. This was a similar complaint we heard years ago when Alice Bentley and I still had The Stars Our Destination on Belmont. The parking went from merely bad to horrible when the local streets were converted to "resident only" parking and permits were required at all times. Our business plunged even though the store was only a couple of blocks from the "El". Now, the area we were in is almost all bars, restaurants and clubs; very few small retail businesses left.

Anyway, it's time to start the long trip home. Watch this space for a special announcement later in the week.



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Mar. 17th, 2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
Is William looking at Columbia College at all?

Also, will any of you be at OddCon this year?

Mar. 22nd, 2013 07:00 pm (UTC)
No, Columbia seems to be more media oriented than William would like. He's into stage acting and wants to concentrate on stage and music. DePaul is a good fit for him so far.

No OddCon I'm afraid. Neither Lisa nor I can make it due to conflicting schedules.

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