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Nearly Christmas

Counting down the days. I always get excited this time of year since business is usually good enough to fool me into thinking I'll finally get caught up. Then reality hits and I'm back where I started from (behind). Things are looking OK this year, perhaps a little slow. I knew if I stayed open more I would only make slightly more than if I kept the limited hours but I felt I needed every bit of business I could attract this year.

Overall, my strategy has worked very well. People always ask how business has been and they expect me to say it's down a lot since I have such limited hours. But the opposite is true; I'm doing much better now than I had been before. By turning my opening hours into a "special event" people are a bit more likely to pay attention and perhaps appreciate me and the store a bit more. Now, if I could just get people to either check the website or read the sign on the door for upcoming hours I would be very happy (many people stand outside the door, right in front of the sign, peaking in, looking all over the building for something(?) and many times knock on the locked door and ask if I'm open. The lights are mostly off, the flip-sign says "closed" and the hours posted on the door do not say I should be open just then. But frankly, even though I'm at the store most days, it's not worth my time to open the doors since then I can't do the things that need doing; cataloguing, ordering, correspondence, etc. So when I have a special open day, then I know that I'll probably get nothing else done but I will make money. And it is working well.

I'll be open from now through the 23rd. Closed the 24th and 25th. Open again on the 26th, 27th,28th. I'll have more open hours posted later.




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Dec. 19th, 2013 08:22 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear that the strategy's working for you.

For getting info out, you might want to update your Facebook daily for the next few days....
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