May 30th, 2016

books sign

Back from the dead again

I'm sitting here on the last day of BaltiCon in the lovely city of Baltimore wondering wehre the last three days have gone.  I decided to try BaltiCon (it's my first) since George R. R. Martin was guest of honor, plus aload of other special guests marking the occasion of BaltiCon 50.  It was a noble experiment but not a particularly profitable one.  I might break even.  I'm hoping now that George might show up to sign my remaining stock of Game of Thrones hardcover which hadly sold at all.  Very surprising since last year I attended ConQuest in Kansas City where I brought a pile of George's books and sold many of them.  Considering there were about three times the number of people here as were in KC, I thought sales would at least be about equal.  You can never tell.

I should be posting a bit more in the near future.  I'm making more of an effort leading up to the 40th anniversary of my first store on April 1st, 1977.